Bridal in Shaker Village

Congratulations to Leah and Eric on their beautiful wedding! Leah and Eric have been friends of ours for a couple years now and they have allowed me to practice on them when I was first starting out with my camera. We have attended game nights together and they share my husbands love for Legos. We attended their wedding prior to this shoot and decided that we would love to do a fun bridal session together too. If you would like to see their original wedding photos which are the dark and moody vibe check out Olivia Avers Wedding Photographer or @livifaithphoto on Instagram. We decided to go to Shakers Village for our repeat bridal shoot and it was gorgeous. There are so many different locations to use at Shaker Village so if you get the chance to do a photoshoot there I highly recommend doing so!

Location: Shaker Village


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